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Paul Brady — Lakes of Pontchartrain 1977

This past Wednesday night, at our show with the Westerville Central Orchestra, we played a slower tune, the melody line of this song.  Paul Brady sings this song, with backing from Andy Irvine.  It’s awesome!  I can’t listen to it just one time through…needs to be on repeat. What will you give Josh for him … Continue reading

Tonight! Drowsy Lads perform with Westerville Central Orchestra

Tonight! Tonight! Sarah McPeak conducts the Westerville Central Orchestra, with featured guest artists, The Drowsy Lads + Regan-Rankin Irish dancers + John Jackson (Bluegrass guitar shredder wunderkind).  Original orchestral arrangements Phil wrote for this orchestra.  7:30pm.  $5.  At Westerville Central High School.   Here’s a video from the 2011 concert we did with the orchestra: